Overview of Case Studies

This work will develop and implement innovative multi-scale representations to advance capacities for managing scale in spatio-temporal modeling. Case studies will demonstrate a new organizing framework of multi-scale information to ask more complex and realistic research questions. The pyramid framework facilitates multi-scale data representation, modeling and analysis, and provides a tighter analytic coupling of spatial scale and temporal scale in computational analysis. The development of federated analytic tools based on the pyramid framework will overcome limitations of existing software tools in scale handling for a wide range of analytic and modeling tasks. Knowledge gained from the case studies will advance understanding of specific environmental problems such as error in terrain-based distance measurement, in managing coastal land loss, and in monitoring rainfall patterns. As case studies are completed, code will be made available on github or by contacting the Project leaders.

The following case studies are underway or planned for coming months:

Uncertainty Propagation in Distance Metrics

Analysis of Wetland Fragmentation

Analysis of Wetland Misclassification

Rainfall Time Series