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Welcome to CroScalar

This project overcomes the challenges of multi-scale spatiotemporal analysis by re-organizing space, time, and scale into a unified modeling framework. Software tools are being developed within this framework to detect anomalies, to model relationships, and to monitor uncertainty propagation across scale, at single and linked spatiotemporal resolutions. The tools and self-paced tutorials will be made available in the public domain in Fall 2021.

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Contact Us!

Our research is ongoing on multiple campuses. We will post our code on github in the near future. This summer we are developing a tutorial with data sets that will be posted here on the project website. If you have questions about our research or an interest in the software tools under development, please get in touch.

You can reach Project Director Yi Qiang (qiangy at

You can reach Colorado Team Leader babs buttenfield (babs at

You can reach Hawai'i Team Leader Nodari Sitchinava (nodari at


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